For the last decade or two timber values have not supported significant management of the woodland, and so they had been left to their own devices. We are in the process of bringing the ancient woodland back into management and restoring for commercial timber production, wildlife & amenity value. The estate has around 700 acres of woodland predominantly ancient woodland. The woodland compartments are a mixture of sweet chestnut coppice with oak standards and mixed broadleaves. There are occasional conifer plantations which are being harvested and re-planted with native hardwoods. All felling is done with reference to the Woodland Management plan. The management is carried out with conservation in mind and can already been seen to be encouraging biodiversity and wildlife.



We supply only seasoned English Timber, sourced from the Estate. All timber is supplied with a certificate of provenance including the grid reference where the tree has grown. We have supplied timber for craftsmen such as:

  • Joiners & cabinet Makers
  • bespoke kitchen and furniture makers
  • Wood-carvers, sculptors and turners
  • Interior designers, architects and specialist contractors

Our stock varies according to our felling programme, but usually includes the following timbers.

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Ash
  • Sweet chestnut
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Yew

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or see what we have in stock – guy@birlingestate.co.uk.



  We are very lucky to be able to process all our timber from our own woodlands. So we know the background and story to every plank – where it grew, who cut it down, and with a bit of homework – we can figure out roughly when it was planted.! We are very proud to have signed up to Grown in Britain and to have our woodlands certified by them. This provides you with the evidence that all of the timber is from well-managed woodland.